• the bad boy

    Dave Curran is The Bad Boy of Hypnosis.

    If you are looking for a unique evening of entertainment, look no further. Dave delivers an energizing evening of hypnosis in which nothing is taboo. Dave's show is the only show where you and your friends can instantly become the stars of the show.

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    Hypnosis Myths

    • Hypnotists have mysterious powers.

      Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), the founder of "mesmerism"... read more

    • Hypnotized people have no independent will

      The idea of the hypnotist "controlling" the hypnotized person makes for a good story and a good more

    • You won't remember anything afterwards

      Most people do remember what happened while they were hypnotized... read more

    • Many people can't be hypnotized

      Anyone who can understand simple instructions and concentrate adequately can be hypnotized... read more

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    For Dave's shows at The Revival Theatre.

    Dave performs Saturday nights from November through June (check schedule) inside his showroom at Revival Theatre in Vaughan. They are located at 120 Interchange Way in Vaughan, Ontario. The show starts at 10pm sharp. The doors and the box office open at 8pm. reservations are highly recommended. You can make a reservation by purchasing tickets below. Tickets are $20 each, and seating is first come - first served. This venue is restricted to those age 19 and up and valid ID is a must. The showroom has a full bar and menu service. Viewer discretion is advised. Once you complete you complete your online purhcase a confrimation email, along with your tickets will be dispatched to you. If you have a Groupon or Living Social voucher please use the same method but chose "voucher" and your ticket type.

      other shows

      Yuk Yuks.

      Dave performs at various Yuk Yuks locations across the country. Even though Yuk Yuks is the birthplace of standup comedy, and that's what they are known there, Dave performs his full hypnosis show at Yuk Yuks. Check back here often and for upcoming show dates.

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      Other Venues.

      Keep checking back here often as more dates are announced.

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    other shows

    Yuk Yuks.

    Dave performs at various Yuk Yuks locations across the country.

    Make a Yuk Yuks Reservation

    Other Venues.

    Keep checking back here often as more dates are announced.

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    Bad Boy Productions
    c/o 1205 Bramblewood Court,
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    For Shows at Revival Theatre

    Click below to purchase tickets online for Dave's show at D&B via Paypal. Once your purchase is complete, your name will be added to the list at the box office for the night of the show you reserved. You can pick up your tickets at the box office anytime after 8pm. Seating is general seating, and is first come first served. Orders over 10 tickets must be done in multiple transactions.


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    For your special event.

    Looking to add something different to your special event? Dave can be booked for your special event now.You can book Dave for your corporate party, stag or stagette, birthday party, anniversary, fundraiser, and virtually all other types of events. Dave is based out of Toronto, Canada, but will travel virtually anywhere. Call 647-977-7890 for more information.

    For your venue.

    Dave is availlable to be booked into your theatre, casino, resort, comedy club, or banquet hall now. His show is a great way to get people in the door of your place by offering them a Vegas calibre performance.


    Dave's show can be performaed under many circumstances. However, Dave requires the following: a good performance area no smaller than 10'x 20' with great audience sightlines. A suitable sound system that is crisp, clear, and loud enough for all to hear. A mixer is also required to be hooked up to the sound system that has an XLR mic cable input and a RCA input for a laptop. Ligthing consists of general stage lighting. He also requires a minimum of 10 chairs for the volunteers to sit on. Make sure these chairs are the types that do not have arms. If you do not have all of these things, please call 647-977-7890, and we can discuss how we can make it work for you.

    What you get.

    You will get an highly energetic, entertaining and hillarious performance. This show will be aprroximately 60-120 minutes long. If needed, this duration can be adjusted. Along with Dave, you will get his DJ to play his music during his show. You can also book this DJ at a reduced rate for dancing afterwards. We will also provide with posters to advertise your show, and assist you with marketting and advertised when needed.


    Dave has made a reputation for himself as "The Bad Boy of Hypnosis". His show is intended for the unreserved adults. This show may contain swearing, and sexually suggestive material. Viewer descretion is advised. However, Dave can also perform a family version of his show if you prefer.

    Book Now!.

    Call 647-977-7890 to book Dave now or send us an email to

  • the top 10 myths of hypnosis

    Myth #1: Hypnotists have mysterious powers

    Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), the founder of "mesmerism", believed that he and others were manipulating a force akin to magnetism when they put people into healing trances. However, since the early 19th century it has become increasingly clear that any "power" resides in the person who is hypnotized. The hypnotist uses techniques to influence another person into particular mental states, but the hypnotized person is the one who produces the state. How easily, and to what extent, someone can be hypnotized has been shown to be a stable trait across repeated trials, having little to do with who hypnotizes the person and how. This is why it's easy to learn to hypnotize yourself, and why you can be hypnotized using audio recordings. Of course, because hypnotists do use techniques to help people to reach the hypnotic state, some will be better at using those techniques than others, just as some people are better public speakers or better salespeople.

    Myth #2: The hypnotist controls the person who is hypnotized, who has no independent will

    The idea of the hypnotist "controlling" the hypnotized person makes for a good story and a good show, which is why you will hear about it from stage hypnotists (particularly the less ethical ones) and ill-informed Hollywood scriptwriters. There is no foundation for it in fact, though. An unethical hypnotist might manipulate or fool someone into doing something that they didn't realize was inappropriate or against their deeply held beliefs, but a clearly presented and clearly understood instruction to do something obviously dangerous or wrong will have one of two outcomes: the hypnotized person will come fully alert, or will simply ignore the suggestion.

    Myth #3: Hypnosis is a strange and unusual state

    There's actually nothing very unusual about hypnosis and we go into similar states every day, we just don't realize it (or make use of them). Zoning out in front of TV, daydreaming, "highway hypnosis" on a long drive, the not-quite-awake, not-quite-asleep state that you pass through on the way into and out of sleep on a daily basis... all of these are very similar to hypnosis. People sometimes expect it to "feel different" in some undefined way and think that they haven't been hypnotized if they don't feel anything they haven't felt before, but it's not necessarily so.

    Myth #4: You won't remember anything afterwards

    Most people do remember what happened while they were hypnotized. A few people do forget spontaneously, and others will "forget" if instructed to do so, but even when they do, the memory can be recovered later. The memory isn't actually gone, it's just been put where the conscious mind doesn't have current access to it. The usual experience, though, is that you remember what went on.

    Myth #5: Hypnosis can give you abilities you don't normally have

    This isn't entirely a myth in one sense; the whole point of hypnosis is to enable you to do things you wouldn't otherwise be able to do. However, in every instance so far tested, these are things that you could actually do in your usual waking state, but perhaps not as effectively or as easily. Because hypnosis involves selective attention, parts of your mind which are normally used for paying attention in general can be used for paying very close attention to one thing in particular, and this can look like having unusual powers. For example, a very old trick (which can be done without hypnosis as well) is identifying one of a number of "identical" cards from their backs. Because they actually have tiny visible differences, people can tell them apart in a way that seems like extrasensory perception, but is just ordinary sensory perception operating at high levels of concentration.

    This is normally argued in two ways: first, that hypnosis involves another person taking over your God-given free will, and second, that it involves occult powers. If I haven't already disposed of this by what I've said above: there is no evidence at all that hypnosis is anything but a natural, inherent human ability, which everyone has and which doesn't involve any mysterious powers or occult forces. Nor does it take away free will or place your will under someone else's control. Most major religions have no issue with it providing it is used ethically, and the Roman Catholic Church, for one, has been saying so officially since 1847. (I realize that mentioning the Catholic Church's approval is a counter-recommendation for some people, but most of these same people are unlikely to change their minds about hypnosis whatever I say.) For more information, see Hypnosis and Faith, a website maintained by an Eastern Orthodox priest and hypnotherapist. Sometimes the argument is made by association - shamans, witch-doctors and other such healers use trances, this argument goes, so the use of trance is inherently pagan. Leaving aside the fact that various brands of faith-healing and ism also use trances (and induce them very much the same way), this "argument by association" could be used against any form of healing or, in fact, human behavior ever known. Hypnotherapy is a natural technique with no inherent religious content.

    Myth #7: There is no evidence that hypnosis works or that it is therapeutic

    Some skeptics categorize hypnosis along with other "alternative" therapies, as unproven at best. However, brain scan studies make it clear that, for some people at least, genuine changes are occurring in the brain as a consequence of hypnosis. See How Hypnotherapy Works, on this site, for further references. See also What Hypnotherapy is Good For for an extensive set of references to scientific studies published in reputable journals which show that hypnotherapy is effective for a number of conditions and for behaviour change. The website Hypnosis and Suggestion is an even more comprehensive resource.

    Myth #8: You can get "stuck" in hypnosis

    You can no more get "stuck" in hypnosis than you can get "stuck" awake or "stuck" asleep. It's a natural state which naturally gives way to other states after a while. For practical reasons, most hypnotherapists do explicitly end their clients' trances, but if they didn't the clients would naturally either return to full alertness or fall asleep.

    Myth #9: Many people can't be hypnotized

    Actually, since hypnosis is a natural state and an inherent human ability, anyone who can understand simple instructions and concentrate adequately can be hypnotized, provided that they trust the hypnotist and the hypnotist uses a technique that is appropriate for them. The practical fact (which leads to the myth) is that not all hypnotists can hypnotize all subjects, and some people will be hypnotized much more readily than others, all else being equal. Also, as mentioned above, hypnotizability is a trait - some people are "highly hypnotizable" and can make more use of the state than others. This tends to be more important in laboratories than in therapy, as most therapeutic uses of hypnosis don't depend on hypnotic "depth". The main exception is pain control, which does require a somewhat deeper trance for the most useful results to be seen. This is an important reason why chemical anaesthetics, at least one of which will work for practically any patient, are used in preference to hypnosis for surgery - not because nobody can have painless drug-free surgery under hypnosis, but because not everybody can.

    Myth #10: Weak-willed people are easier to hypnotize

    This myth may have arisen in the days of the "authoritarian" hypnotist who worked mainly by ordering people around. People who were likely to resent being ordered around were less likely to experience success through this method. That's not how it's done these days, though, and the strength of your will really has nothing to do with how easy you are to hypnotize. Rather, if you are intelligent and imaginative and have a good ability to concentrate, these are the factors which will help with the hypnosis. Being open-minded (which is different from being weak-willed) is definitely a plus, too.

  • A show for adults

    For those 18 and up.

    YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO TO VEGAS – VEGAS IS COMING TO YOU! Bad boys have a certain way of putting you under their spell. But when the bad boy's also a hypnotist, watch out! Dave Curran's adults-only show is now available for dates. Used to entertaining Las Vegas crowds, Curran will have your audience laughing with his hypnosis act and antics. A dozen or so people are brought to the stage and hypnotized. They may become Chippendale dancers, become porn stars, reach orgasmic levels, and perform other actions of an adult nature. They are the true stars of the show who, once hypnotized, do some of the funniest, wildest, and sexiest things you will ever see. Dave reinvents comedy hypnosis and delivers an energizing evening in which nothing is taboo. Shows like this are normally only reserved for Vegas. See why Dave got his nickname "The Bad Boy of Hypnosis" for yourself. Look into our eyes - you are ready to fall under his spell and enjoy this mesmerizing show!

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    The Dave Curran Experience.

    Dave performs his weekly show inside his own showroom in the GTA. It is located at 2021 Winston Park Drive E, Oakville, Ontario. For more info visit

    other shows

    Yuk Yuks.

    Dave often performs at Yuk Yuks across the country. Check back here often for show dates.

    Other Venues.

    Keep checking back here often as more dates are announced.

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